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Balance eCom is a full-stack outsourced accounting partner for online businesses. We work with
online sellers, dropshippers, agency owners, personal brands, and info product/content
creators. We build a tailored solution to your needs using best-in-class e-commerce software we
manage for you.

We integrate & manage your books with industry-leading e-commerce software.

Why should you work with us?

All mature businesses have accounting & finance functions that go hand in hand. We are
experts in these areas and their complexities as it relates to the e-commerce industry.


Do you know your current profitability margins, financial trends, and future business obligations? Do you have a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis to review by the 15th of the month? Having accurate, timely financials is critical for making decisions. Plus, when tax time or investors come calling, you have up to date and clean records to hand over without a hassle.


Did you know Inventory is not deductible for tax-purposes until it is sold? Online stores selling products are required to maintain an accurate inventory balance on their financials and cost inventory into margins as products are sold. We have a standardized process to record the cost of inventory with sales and reconcile your warehouse inventory value vs accounting balance each period


Payouts & settlements from online platforms that are deposited into your bank account are not revenue. These deposits are a “net” number in accounting terms, representing a batch of product sales in addition to selling fees, discounts, returns, and/or refunds. Some platforms even withhold a portion of current product sales for payout on future deposits. We use a standard process to break out deposits into each of these buckets in the correct month so you see true margins and trends over time.

Ryan Michaelis - CPA, Founder

Ryan started Balance eCom in 2020 after recognizing a need for professional
accounting and financial planning in the online e-commerce industry.

Before starting Balance eCom, he worked for 5 years as a CPA at Deloitte &
Touche LLP. During that time, Ryan audited financial statements and provided
accounting consulting services for a variety of public and private companies in
the consumer products industry.

When he is not strategizing with clients or poring over spreadsheets, he enjoys
practicing Jiu-jitsu, golfing, reading, and working on increasing his mobility and
aerobic capacity

``If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.``